Zoom integration (English)

zoom integration

Connecting your Zoom account

You can connect your Zoom account through followings steps.

  1. Sign in waaq link.
  2. Open the meeting location settings page.
  3. Click Zoom Icon. (refer to the image below)
  4. Click “Authorize” button. (refer to the image below)
Zoom integration settings
Zoom auth page

Usage for Zoom integration

You can automatically generate Zoom video conference URLs when meeting will be scheduled.

  1. Open new Schedule settings page.
  2. set the meeting location to Zoom (refer to the images below)
new schedule settings page
When the meeting will be scheduled, you can see a zoom conference url automatically generated.

Deauthorizing Zoom integration

You can deauthorize this Zoom integration through following steps.

1.Sign in waaq link.
2.Open the meeting location settings page.
3.Click 「x」on Zoom icon (refer to the image below).

deauthorizing Zoom integration
  • URLをコピーしました!
  • URLをコピーしました!


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